Dragon Mage Graphics

Welcome to Dragon Mage Graphics at it's new location! I've also done a bit of remodeling, that way it is easier for those of you who'd like to look around.

Before downloading anything off of this site, please read the rules below. You are bound to them if you use these graphics!

  1. Do not modify these graphics. The only images that you are allowed to edit are the buttons and title graphics, which you may add text to. You are not allowed to use these graphics to create any type of plugin.
  2. Do not offer these out from your web page nor in any other background collection.
  3. Give credit where credit is due. Link back to Dragon Mage Graphics. (http://www.blackdrago.com/mage/index.html)
  4. These are for websites that are non-comercial. That means the sites must be personal or a non-profit organization.
  5. You website can not be rated at x. This means that your site cannot contain racism, sexism, prejudice, agism, nor pornography.
  6. Download the graphics to your computer and upload them to your own server. No bandwidth stealing is allowed.

Have a question? Feel free to contact me! If you agree to these rules, you may enjoy the graphics!


March 2, 2002 - Finally, the new HTML section has been uploaded! Sorry for the long wait. Now new sections have been added, and the older ones have been revamped.

Also, I've uploaded six new sets! I am happy to introduce Blue Fly, Blue Wood, Pool Bottom, Purple Dance, and Green Botch!

June 30, 2002 - I've changed this site around quite a bit. It is at a new location and I am setting up new sets and form now.

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