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HTML can be tricky at times, so many resort to HTML programs to to it for them. However, when it comes time for them to give up that program, they are faced with a document full of things they just don't understand. My recomendation? Learn HTML from scratch.

This isn't just aplace to learn how to do HTML, it is also a place to read articles about web design, too. Keep in mind that the articles are mainly the opinion of the author.

Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials
    From Scratch
      How to set up a page from scratch.

      Different ways to set up page headings.

      Adding them to your site.

    Font Fun
      Spice up your site!

    Image Magic
      Adding and playing with images on your site.

    Meta Tags
      A good thing to add to your site.

    Table Terror
      The versitle, annoying table

    Image Wars
      What's the different between a GIF and a JPG?

    Site Promotion
      Is it worth it?

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