The Wonderous Wood has been overhauled and updated! It has taken the better part of three years, but the new Wood is finally opened. There is still some major construction on the split path - but the 'game' is open and ready. Happy hunting!


You find yourself walking along side a large, shadowy forest. You're not quite sure how you managed to come here, but you feel like you've been here before, like when you see a place that's illustrated in children's books you've read. You strain your eyes to see inside, but the trees seem to grow more and more dense as you try to see past them. It's almost as if they know you're watching.

You gasp as you hear a voice. "Oh, it's okay! Come right this way!" You hear it, and a light suddenly shines south of you. You make your way toward the light to find a little creature waiting for you.

Gaurdian of Beasts

"Oh, hello, wanderor!" She says, happily. "I am the Guardian of the Beasts and of this forest. You'll find many guardians around here, though, so please try to follow what the plaque says." She points over to a small wooden sign. "I, myself, came from the Rising Sun, so, if you'd like to go there, inside, grab my arm and I shall take you there. Otherwise, mind the rules of the forests, and have fun."

You saunter over to the plaque and find that it reads "RULES" on top with brilliant golden letters.

  1. Do not take any creatures of the forest that are not designated for adoption; it is stealing. If you want a creature like it, follow the link to it to find your own adoptable! The link is usually the creature itself.
  2. In the case that you stumble across something that can be adopted, please read the adoption rules that are assigned to that creature. If you do not, you cannot adopt.
  3. Do not give out any of the hidden spaces that you may find. Let them find it for themselves!
  4. Ask the Gaurdian of the Beasts for the magical potion to help you incase you get lost.
  5. If you are a little lost and are looking for guidance, feel free to look at the Questions and Answers.
  6. ALL backgrounds in the Wonderous Wood were created by drago. Go to drago's Dragon Mage Graphics, but do NOT take the backgrounds from here!

You decide to ask her, and she smiles. "I am glad you read the rules." She hands you a small box and takes out a little vial from it. Her face becomes very serious. "After you drink this, you'll see a path, like you do now, at the bottom of every place you go. Should you get lost, simply find this path and touch it. Don't worry, it almost always works..." She smiles again, and disappears. What now?

Drink the Potion, and Head into the Woods
Head back the Way you Came
Ask to Read the Updates

Wonderous Wood