The Leading Path

Mydnyght Sky

"I see, a wanderor," says a rather amused male voice. "I suspect you're off on an adventure, I see? Wanting to save the forest perhaps? If you haven't visited all the villages on the outskirts of the Wood, I suggest you do."

He holds his paws up, as if to count. "Cattinonia, Embrod, and Andomo," he says outloud. "You could leave without visiting them, but then you'll be a bit behind on the news, I am afraid."

He smiles. "How rude of me! My name is Mydnyght Sky, a tigon. I am here to make sure that the only wanderors who enter this part of the Wood are either looking for adoptables or an adventure. If you're not looking for either, or don't know what I'm talking about, go back to the entrance and go to the three main villages."

He looks you over again. "Well?" he asks.

"Yes, I am ready for an adventure!"
"No, I need to go back and visit some more places, first."

Wonderous Wood