The Keeper of the Gates


You pass deep within the rainforest and find a strange, glowing tree passage way. Two trees (Or is it only one?) grow together to make a door-like shape, and it glows. Before the passage stands a green, tall centaur with wide eyes. He approaches you slowly, as if sizing you up.

"Welcome," his voice rings out. "My name is Saylenth." He stares at you unblinkingly for quite a while. "I see you are looking at the Gates of Root-Baine. Are you interested in entering?"

You reply in the affirmative. He bows his head.

"I can lead you to the gate and allow you in," he says. "However, I dwell among the roots and do not in myself. I will warn you that Root-Baine is very strict about visitors and residents. So, please be careful."

With that, he walks with a gentle clip-clop, back to the gate.

He turns back to you, "Sorry, you cannot enter, yet."

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