The Village of Andomo


You pass into the gates as the open, revealing a small, quaint town with one large building in what seems to be the center. You think, Why would anyone put a wall and gates around a town like this?

"Hail!" a high-pitched voice cries as you enter. You turn rather violently to your left to see who said it, and you're surprised to see a four legged creature standing before you, smiling. "I am Omodan, and I have the important job of telling visitors where to go!"

She lifts her chest and sits proudly. "Andomo is considered the most wise of all the cities and villages of the Wood. The Castle's Wisdom is the only place that exceeds us." She nods her head. "We can help inform travelors of the wonders of the woods, and so on. If you'd like to do this, please go to the library, which is right behind me."

"Other than the library, there is a small cluster of houses out here. Please knock before you enter, and always be kind. Remember you are a visitor. From what I have heard, the residents here are almost as much informed as the library!" She smiles and bows.

Walk Behind Omodan
Head Out to the Houses

Wonderous Wood