The Dareful Dunes


You find yourself at the base of something quite like a desert, although mounds upon mounds of sand streatch in front of you. You're not sure if you should keep going, as it doesn't look like there is an end.

"Howdy there," peeps a high, peeky voice. "How are you?"

You turn and see a cardinal landed on a high mound nearby. You introduce yourself, explaining how you got here, and you finish by asking where you are.

"Welcome to the Dareful Dunes," she says, happily. "I'm Elerrang, and I don't usually stay out here. I'm actually heading towards... well, if you follow me, you'll see. We'll have to go through some space, but what do you say?"

Thank her, but tell her you want to see the dunes
Thank her, and follow the bird
Go West, Towards the Oddly-Shaped Mountains

Wonderous Wood