The Jaded Jungle


You slowly approach a thick growth, which at first seems to be a wall. However, as soon as you get near enough, you can see that it is an extremely dense jungle, swelteringly hot and sticky, even before you enter.

You hear hooves, which makes you turn. Before you stands a stunningly green centaur. She doesn't seem happy to see you at first, but she seems to be working out what she should do in her head. Finally she passes you. Before she disappears into the jungle, she hesitates and turns to you.

"You're not from around here," she says. "I'll warn you: This jungle is hot and not gracious to travelors. If you want to get through it, you have to stick to the path. Not like you'll have tons of choice. Besides the centaurs and the small others who live here, not much can get off the main path. Understand?"

Before you can answer, she disappears into the jungle.

Enter the Jungle
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